Inspiring Advice from Fred J. Young

Lots of people know how to make money, but are not gifted in the art of preserving it. Frequently the same risk that was involved in making you rich is the same risk that can make you poor again.
– Fred J. Young

Spend your money wisely!

Spend your money wisely!

“7 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough”

Quote for the day :)

Quote for the day 🙂

I saw an article that was about thinking you’re not good enough. And yes, I can really relate at this, (Sometimes!:)) Anyway, this was written and published by Madison Sonnier.

I hope you also like it, coz I really do 🙂

Here it goes :

1. The people you compare yourself to compare themselves to other people too.

We all compare ourselves to other people, and I can assure you that the people who seem to have it all do not.

When you look at other people through a lens of compassion and understanding rather than judgment and jealousy, you are better able to see them for what they are—human beings. They are beautifully imperfect human beings going through the same universal challenges that we all go through.   

2. Your mind can be a very convincing liar. 

I saw a quote once that said, “Don’t believe everything you think.” That quote completely altered the way I react when a cruel or discouraging thought goes through my mind. Thoughts are just thoughts, and it’s unhealthy and exhausting to give so much power to the negative ones.     

3. There is more right with you than wrong with you.

This powerful reminder is inspired by one of my favorite quotes from Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Until you stop breathing, there’s more right with you than wrong with you.”

As someone who sometimes tends to zoom in on all my perceived flaws, it helps to remember that there are lots of things I like about myself too—like the fact that I’m alive and breathing and able to pave new paths whenever I choose.

4. You need love the most when you feel you deserve it the least. 

This was a recent epiphany of mine, although I’m sure it’s been said many times before.

I find that it is most difficult to accept love and understanding from others when I’m in a state of anger, shame, anxiety, or depression. But adopting the above truth really shifted my perspective and made me realize that love is actually the greatest gift I can receive during such times.  

5. You have to fully accept and make peace with the “now” before you can reach and feel satisfied with the “later.” 

One thing I’ve learned about making changes and reaching for the next rung on the ladder is that you cannot fully feel satisfied with where you’re going until you can accept, acknowledge, and appreciate where you are.

Embrace and make peace with where you are, and your journey toward something new will feel much more peaceful, rewarding, and satisfying.

6. Focus on progress rather than perfection and on how far you’ve come rather than on how far you have left to go.

One of the biggest causes of self-loathing is the hell-bent need to “get it right.” We strive for perfection and success, and when we fall short, we feel less than and worthless. What we don’t seem to realize is that striving for success and being willing to put ourselves out there is an accomplishment within itself, regardless of how many times we fail.

Instead of berating yourself for messing up and stumbling backward, give yourself a pat on the back for trying, making progress, and coming as far as you have.

7. You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.

I know it sounds almost annoyingly simple, but the only way to achieve self-love is to love yourself—regardless of who you are and where you stand and even if you know you want to change.

You are enough just as you are. And self-love will be a little bit easier every time you remind yourself of that.

Lets start the day right :)

Everyone of us face struggles and hard times in our lives. These struggles break our spirit and bring us down from our path. But the ones who tackle those difficult situations with a positive mind and approach, brings a huge change in their lives and even to those people around them.

Many people, including MYSELF,  find inspirational quotes to remove the negative self-talk that is running around in our heads. Every day is a fresh start, so reading brilliant motivational quotes before starting the day can bring a huge difference in our life.

Never Give Up!

”  Inspirational Quote for the day :>  “

Just my thoughts..

I’m not always as confident as I seem … there are many nights and many days when all I want is to be held. I love being held. Sometimes I don’t want to talk about what is bothering me … sometimes I just want a hug … someone who will let me cry. I like when people aren’t afraid to show what they’re really feeling. I don’t like when people run from their true feelings because it doesn’t do anyone any good. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I am not naive.

 I know what it feels like to be completely broken and I am all too familiar with what it means to be hurt. I know what it’s like to see something funny and not laugh. I’ve been taken advantage of, used, and abused. My feelings have been blatantly disregarded. But I still believe that all people are good at heart … and my trust in people has not diminished.

 To be completely honest, I hope it never does. Ever. 

Hello World! :)

Eventually, I only posted my pictures, stories, life lessons and everything through my FaceBook, Instagram and years ago in my Friendster. So sad friendster was gone, I wrote all my blogs there, and sadly didn’t save it in my laptop. :< Going back, my friend told me to , “Why don’t you get an account to some of this Blog Sites?”, and yes, I kind liked what she told me, so now I start my first ever blog here at

I’m Marylle Revin ❤ I’m not really named myself as a “Blogger”, because I just post and say whatever I want. Give critics with some pictures, news I saw in the Internet. A blogger? Maybe. But I just don’t want to put a name on it. Because people might just misinterpret it or misjudged.  Going back to my intro ’bout myself, I’m currently on my 3rd year level in college at MIT Makati and was taking BS Information Technology. :)

Actually, at first I really don’t know what course should I take up on college. Eventually, I’m one of those students that ask their parents/ push by their parents to get this, get that. BUT! Don’t get me wrong, I started to love what I’m doing right now, yes It’s HARD, so HARD. but I know my parents are right from pushing me this course because I know it will benefit me alot especially if I do everything I can to survive and learn more about the environment of IT.

Anyway, my nickname is Rylle, sounds like REAL. A lot of my friends call me that. Maybe because some of them can’t pronounce my name MARYLLE properly and correctly. Haha! :)


I’m not perfect. i also make mistakes. i am sometimes unorganized. moody. childish. and a bitch you love to hate.. but, behind those imperfections and mistakes, im proud to say, I LEARNED ü